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The last thing you need after an accident is to be run over by your insurance company.

There are about 250 million automobiles on U.S. roads today. So, it's no wonder that a few of them sometimes end up occupying the same space at the same time.

With how expensive and complex vehicles have become, accident damage can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars — and that's even if nobody gets hurt. Add injuries to it and the costs can skyrocket. That, put simply, is why you need auto insurance.

Sometimes we'll be the cheapest, or close to it. Sometimes not. But we like to think we're the best. Because we back our fair rates with exceptional customer and claims service — and genuinely care about the people we insure.

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Electric Insurance Company benefits

New Car Replacement Cost coverage – standard on every policy*
Here's a nice little feature: New Vehicle Replacement Cost coverage is standard on all policies. If you have a qualifying new vehicle that's less than a year old, this coverage will replace it without any deduction for mileage if it's totaled as a result of a covered incident. Now that's a nice way to cover your new investment at no extra cost to you. Sweet.
12-month policies
Many insurance companies now use six-month policies so they can raise rates more often, or look really inexpensive at first glance. But we're sticking with 12-month policies. Our way locks in your costs for a full year. Cuts the number of renewal policies and ID cards you receive in half. And is just a little bit kinder to the environment.
Broad payment options
News flash: different people like different things. So when it comes to how you pay your bill, we're flexible. Some GE employees get it deducted right from their paychecks. Others have monthly payments electronically debited from a checking account. And some opt for the good-ol' bill-by-mail options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and more. Pick the method that works for you — it'll work for us, too.
Note: Payroll deductions are only offered to eligible General Electric employees.
Convenient hours
In an effort to be helpful, our customer call center is staffed 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET (that's a long day). Of course, accidents can happen any time, so you can report claims by phone 24-hours-a-day.
Original equipment coverage
Our long-standing policy is to never consider the use of Like Kind and Quality (LKQ) parts or aftermarket parts (a/m) unless the vehicle is at least two years old or has 24,000 miles*. Even then, we only consider a/m or LKQ parts that are CAPA Certified. Certification guarantees the same fit, look, feel, tolerances, and warranty as the OEM part it's made to replace. Please be aware that our stance on aftermarket parts is not a company-wide position, but rather a case-by-case review of each repair to ensure your vehicle is properly and safely repaired.
* Unless otherwise directed by state regulations. Electric Insurance Company only considers after-market parts that have been certified by the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA). After-market parts are not considered for repair unless the vehicle is greater than two years of age or has more than 24,000 miles on the odometer
Online account management
Our online account center puts you in control: add drivers to your policy. Replace vehicles. View and pay your bills. It's easy — and all at your fingertips. 24/7.
Payroll deduction 
Pay your Electric Insurance premiums by signing up for payroll deduction and not only will you never have to remember to write and mail a check, you'll also save money. A 2% - 4% discount applies to your auto and home policies, as does the waiver of the service fee for people who pay over time — that's another $55 in your pocket*.
*Payroll deduction discounts are not available in CA or NY. Auto discounts are available in WA. $55 service fee savings are based on waiver of the standard $5 monthly service fee for 11 months.

Why do I need this?

While you can add on extras, an auto insurance policy is basically three different coverages rolled into one: (coverages can vary by state)

Part A — Liability

  • Bodily Injury — Generally pays others for damage your vehicle causes, including personal injury requiring medical treatment, lost wages, funeral expenses, etc.
  • Property Damage — Generally pays others for physical damage caused by your vehicle


Part B — Medical Payments/Personal Injury — Generally pays you and your household members for expenses related to medical payments, lost wages, funeral expenses, etc.

Part C — Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists — Generally pays for damage to your vehicle or passengers caused by un-insured or under-insured drivers.

Part D — Physical Damage to Your Auto
Comprehensive and Collision coverage generally pays you and others for the repairs to your vehicle, or replacements if un-repairable. It can even pay for towing and rentals.

Your state most likely requires insurance, so you probably need an auto policy to legally drive your car. But bear in mind your state's minimum coverage requirements may not really be enough coverage if you're in a bad accident. Especially if the courts or police determine it's your fault.


* Product, service, and discount availability and limits vary by state. The information provided on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not a full explanation of products, services or coverage. For more information, please contact Electric Insurance Company at 800.227.2757. If there are discrepancies between the information on this site and the policy, the terms in the policy apply.


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