Auto: Next Steps

You've filed a claim. Now what?

Okay, so things are happening. That's good. It means your car — and hopefully your life — will soon be back to normal. But the process isn't over yet. Here's what to expect after filing your claim and describing the incident:

1. Assessing the damage

Working with any body shop you like

  • You may submit an estimate from the shop of your choice by having them fax it to 978.236.5619
  • Digital photos can be e-mailed to
  • Include your claim number on the estimate
  • The estimate will be reviewed with in 1-2 business days*
  • If approved the payment will be issued, less your deductible

*Be aware that although our goal is to work with the estimate you provide, field inspections are sometimes necessary to ensure proper vehicle repair. If a field inspection is scheduled, your adjuster will contact you to review the process.


Working with our appraisers

  • Our field appraisers can inspect your vehicle at the location of your choice
  • The appraiser will contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment
  • The appraisal report will be sent to Electric Insurance Company
  • Payment will be issued, less your deductible
  • If additional damage is found once repairs have begun, the appraiser will visit your car in the shop to confirm

Working with a Direct Repair Program body shop

  • Choose from a network of pre-screened, preferred repair shops†
  • Schedule your repairs immediately
  • The estimate to repair your vehicle is submitted directly to us
  • We pay the shop directly, less your deductible
  • Work is done by trained, certified staff using the most advanced equipment and tools for quick and accurate repairs
  • Every shop offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship

Not available in MA


2. Wheels while yours are in the shop

Optional Additional Transportation Expense Coverage

  • Additional transportation expense is an optional coverage based on the daily/maximum limit you selected
  • Additional transportation expense applies for the time you are unable to use your vehicle as a result of a covered loss per your policy limits
  • Please refer to your policy or your claims adjuster to confirm whether you have this coverage.
  • Feel free to rent with the rental car company of your choice
  • If you have full coverage under your policy with Electric Insurance, your collision coverage carries over to any standard rental vehicle
  • Gas, mileage or any other optional insurance purchased with a rental is not covered under your policy
  • If the other party was 100% at-fault and you do not have rental coverage, their insurance may pay for a rental while your repairs are made

Partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Electric Insurance Company's policyholders receive preferred service including:

  • Free pick up
  • Free delivery
  • Direct billing to Electric Insurance Company
  • Call 800.736.8227, or go to


3. Recovering your Deductible

Why do I have to pay my deductible if I wasn't at fault?

  • The deductible is the amount you chose to pay in any loss, regardless of fault
  • Your deductible will be reimbursed if we are able to recover it from the at-fault party or their insurance carrier

How long will it take to get my deductible back?

  • The recovery process can take up to several months depending on the circumstances of the event

Can you guarantee I will get my deductible back?

  • There is never a guarantee of recovery
  • Recovery can be affected by disputed liability, uninsured drivers or many other factors

What about the extra expenses I paid as a result of this claim
(i.e. rental, hotel, plane, etc.?)

  • Out-of-pocket expenses related to a claim for which you are not at fault can often be recovered by contacting the other person's insurance carrier. If you have questions about this, we are here to help. Ask us!


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