Homeowners Claims: Hail


If Hail Damages Your Home

Our customers can count on our award-winning claims team to respond promptly to claims for hail damage. While your Electric Insurance Company policy covers damage to your entire home (including windows, decks, and siding), hail does the most damage to roofs.

Here’s What to Expect.

  • Your homeowners policy will pay toward the cost of repairing a hail-damaged roof.
  • Electric Insurance follows state requirements regarding replacement with matching shingles.
  • We usually assign an adjuster to inspect your hail-damaged property.
  • The adjuster will contact you directly to discuss options for assessing and settling your claim.

Success Tips

  • If you have a roofer or contractor and a physical inspection is deemed necessary by your adjuster, coordinate the timing so that the adjuster and your roofer or contractor are present at the same time so that they can confer and come to an agreement that the damage was caused by hail and agree to the type and extent of the necessary repairs.
  • If you do not have a roofer or contractor, an inspection will be performed and your adjuster will discuss the findings in detail with you so you may research and obtain a roofer/contractor to complete necessary repairs.
  • The adjuster will assess your property and create a written estimate for the cost of repairing the damage.
  • You will be issued an initial check for the actual cash value (based on the adjuster’s estimate) of the repairs or replacement roof once we have validated that the damage was caused by hail and that your policy covers the damage.
  • The balance of the payment, up to the actual cost incurred, less your policy’s deductible, will be issued to you once the repairs or replacement is complete. Your adjuster will review the final invoice submitted by your contractor for payment of the remainder of your claim.

Protect Yourself From Contractor Fraud

Always contact Electric Insurance Company if your contractor tells you that the roof requires more work, or that the price of the repairs or materials will be higher than what was discussed with the adjuster during the inspection. Your coverage will usually not apply to an increase in cost over the original estimate if the adjuster is unable to inspect the reason for the additional work or cost. 

Contractor fraud is very, very common, especially after a widespread event like a hailstorm. One of the most common scams is to convince a homeowner that a full roof replacement is needed, so that the contractor or roofer gets a bigger payment than if only repairs were made. Find out more about contractor fraud here.

If You Have Hail Damage

Contact Electric Insurance at 800.227.2757 or by email at Service@ElectricInsurance.com if hail has damaged your covered auto or home. It is especially important for you to learn about the repair process and how to prevent contractor fraud that could end up costing you thousands of dollars.


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