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Good deal. Hitting a moving target isn't always easy – even if it's on something as big as a car.

Since you used your handy mobile device to find us, we already know you're a person of curiosity and persistence. Maybe even one who thinks a little bit outside the box. If so, you're in good company. Electric Insurance is a little out of the ordinary, too.

Since you're pretty good at navigation, you can find out just how different we are by going here. Or here. Or even here.

Once you do that, you'll be interested in knowing more about our auto, home, and excess liability (umbrella) insurance. So keep your pathfinder mindset and start looking around our site. Then, give us a call. Or get a quote now with our handy Get a Quote box.

Actually, it really is all about you.

Call us at 800.342.5342. Let us know more about you. Like how we may be able to make your interesting life a little easier and a lot more secure. After all, even the most intrepid explorer needs a secure home base. We excel at providing exceptional support for life's most challenging encounters (like ones with terrible drivers).

Give us a call at 800.342.5342. We're waiting to hear all about you.


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